Femtosecond Pulse Shaping

femtoPulse Master


femtoPulse Master is a standalone, easy-to-use software package that simulates the time-domain profile of a scalar optical field and a variety of nonlinear outputs based on the input spectrum and phase. The program features manipulation controls for the spectral phase and amplitude. It is available as a free "demo" version and as a full version. The full version of the software allows loading of user-defined spectrum and phase and saving all program outputs. The demo version plots all outputs but does not allow saving them. The ability to load user-defined spectrum and/or phase is also unavailable in the "demo" mode.

Operating systems:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
This product is not available for Mac or Linux.

  • Free Demo Version
  • Full-Licensed Version
  • Supporting Information

Download femtoPulse Master

The free demo version includes functions such as generating fundamental spectrum and spectral phase through user-defined parameters and build-in formulas, and then automatically calculate the corresponding results in both temporal and spectral domain such as electric fields, temporal profiles, second harmonic generation(SHG), stimulated Raman, MIIPS and MIIPS II traces and some other pulse characterization method, e.g. autocorrelation and FROG. User can also implement a 16-bit mask on fundamental spectrum intensity and/or spectral phase, to turn on/off the modulation on a certain region.

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The full-licensed version has following functions in addition to all the others in the free demo version:

  • user can import user-define fundamental spectra and spectral phases files for calculation
  • user can export all the results generated from the software
  • user can implement 128-bit and 640-bit mask beside the 16-bit one

Software outputs:

  • Time-domain profile of the linearly polarized electric field, normalized on the maximum for the unshaped, transform-limited (TL) pulse
  • Time-domain profile of electric field intensity, normalized on the maximum for the unshaped, TL pulse.
  • Second-harmonic generation (SHG) spectrum, normalized on the SHG maximum for the unshaped, TL pulse.
  • Raman excitation efficiency spectrum, normalized on the excitation efficiency at zero wavenumber for the unshaped, TL pulse
  • MIIPS trace
  • MIIPS IITM trace
  • FROG/XFROG trace
  • Interferometric and background-free autocorrelation