MIIPS and Pulse Shaping  Workshop

Workshop will take place at the Michigan State University, August 13th-15th 2012

2012 Ultrafast Pulse Shaping Workshop

Michigan State University, August 13-15, 2012

Consider attending this workshop and presenting a poster on your research!

Current Program of the Workshop.

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Applicants from academia, government, and industry from all countries are welcome. Because of the emphasis on hands-on experience, the number of attendees will be limited to forty (40) participants. Registration deadline is extended to August 1st, 2012.
Up to five fellowships will be available for students (in the amount of registration fee) courtesy of the sponsors. Details on how to apply can be found following this link.  

Ultrafast Pulse Shaping Workshop:

Since 2008 Michigan State University in collaboration with Biophotonic Solutions have organized the most complete Ultrafast Pulse Shaping Workshop offered in the world. The workshop, which is held yearly every August, includes lectures from leaders in the field of Ultrafast Pulse Shaping. Most importantly, the workshop includes a full day of Hands On experimentation with the world’s most advanced Ultrafast Pulse Shaping Instruments.

Workshop Description

Ultrafast lasers have been the subject of two Nobel Prizes and are used for a variety of applications. These applications require precise pulse characterization and delivery of ultrashort pulses at the target with the intended spectral phase. In this workshop, everyone will learn how pulse characterization and compression are achieved with the aid of a pulse shaper.


The 2012 MIIPS Ultrafast Pulse Shaping Workshop will include hands-on demonstrations on several different ultrafast pulse shaping setups. Experts from academia and industry will combine discussion of the underlying principles with application through hands-on laboratory experience.

Comments from 2011 MIIPS Workshop attendees:

“It is one of the most WONDERFUL workshops I have ever attended! Well-prepared hands-on sessions after lectures on experimental and theoretical basics and some invited talks on applications of pulse shaping are very much effective for customers to learn MIIPS pulse-shaping technology and to consider future scientific/technological applications. ”

“The structure of the workshop encourages stimulating discussions among the attendees which generally guide people to think new ways to look at their ultrafast research programs resulting in new research projects.”

“The amount and diversity of the running laser + shaper combinations ranging from amplified systems to commercial laser systems with pulses below 5 fs was really amazing. It is probably unsurpassed by any other workshop I attended so far!”

Benefits and Learning Objectives

Participation will satisfy the following goals:

1.       Understand elements critical in the design of pulse shapers based on a particular set of goals; and define key concepts in pulse shaper design such as optical resolution and focal length.

2.       Compare among different pulse shaper designs and determine which one is best suited for a particular application.

3.       Gain first-hand experience by interacting with pulse shapers operating live with a number of ultrafast lasers including: oscillators capable of producing <6 fs pulses, regenerative amplifiers producing shaped 1mJ pulses, and amplified systems capable of producing <5fs pulses.

4.       Simulate the output pulse from a pulse shaper given a particular phase and amplitude modulation.

5.       Describe the effect caused by introducing a simple phase such as a linear, quadratic or cubic function on a transform-limited pulse.

6.       Learn different approaches to creating pulse replica that can be independently controlled in the time domain using the pulse shaper.

7.       Measure the spectral phase of laser pulses using the pulse shaper itself as the measurement tool, and eliminating phase distortions to compress the output pulses.

8.       Summarize the advantages of having an adaptive pulse shaper for controlling the output of ultrafast lasers.

9.       Determine a number of independent pulse shaper based methods to confirm pulse characterization results.

10.   Listen to lectures from experts in the field and learn how each of them have addressed the practical aspects of Ultrafast Pulse Shaping.


Pictures from previous workshops: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011


Organizers have reserved a block of rooms at the Quality Inn located at 3121 East Grand River Avenue, Lansing, MI 48912
Please follow this link to book your room.

Biophotonic Solutions will grant a discount* towards the purchase of one of its award winning pulse shapers to workshop participants. The discount will be good for purchases made between August 15th and October 31st 2012. * 5% towards the purchase of a femtoFit, or 10% towards the purchase of any other pulse shaping or laser system. Purchaser must take delivery in 2012. This discount supersedes other discounts.

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